We will seek to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities on the surrounding environment and communities, minimise pollution and develop intelligent solutions to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance

We will achieve this by:

  • Following the ISO:14001certification
  • Fully committing to sustainable development and our Environmental Policy
  • Complying with further relevant environmental legislation and standards
  • Encouraging the efficient use of resources and reduce emission of carbon dioxide wherever we can
  • Seeking alternative solutions which encourage sustainable construction and more efficient waste management

As part of the supply chain in the affordable housing sector we fully appreciate the gravity of the environmental challenges that we collectively face. The Governments of England and Wales are understandably demanding increasingly stringent environmental performance yet not necessarily matching the demands with financial resource.

Our approach to the environmental challenges that we all face attempts to marry incremental improvement with revolutionary change. Mi-space has trained all of its staff in formal environmental awareness as part of the ISO:14001 certification process. We have also trained all HS&E teams in the IOSH Environmental Management qualification (as well as some of our Business Development team). We monitor our energy consumption, recycling percentages and closely monitor waste management. Our standards and targets are externally audited and driven by the requirement for continuous improvement. All of these result in incremental steps which undoubtedly make us a more sustainable business.

However, slow progress in the form of incremental steps, is no substitute for the revolutionary progress that can be gained through a giant leap. For Midas and Mi-space that leap in learning was the Award winning Jubilee Wharf Project in Cornwall. This CSH Code level 4 mixed use development, showed us that forward looking design combined with the Modern Methods of Construction allows huge benefits in environmental performance.

To that end we are working with the Architect (BDa ZEDFactory - to bring CSH code level 4 pre fabricated homes to the affordable housing sector. These units have an identifiable upgrade route to Code Level 6 and are a perfect example of affordable ‘future proof’ housing. (For further information contact Lex Cumber) We firmly believe that this is the solution to the ever increasing CSH code requirements that are leading us towards zero carbon.

Ultimately only through collaboration between Government, Customers, Designers, Contractors and the Suppliers will we achieve the environmental objectives required. Mi-space relishes the challenge and we aim to be part of the solution.


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